halti harness review, halti walking harness reviews

Halti Harness review

Many dog owners suffer from pulling issues with their dogs and they need a solution for that. One of the solutions is to get a Halti dog harness to stop a dog from pulling the lead. Halti harness transfers the forward dog pulling force to an upward lift which instantly prevents the dog from pulling. […]

kong retractable lead reviews

Kong retractable lead reviews

When I surfed the net to look for Kong retractable lead reviews I could not find much. However, I have collected what I found here so you can get an idea how Kong retractable leads work. Firstly, I would like to mention features and types of Kong retractable leads. The new KONG® retractable leads have special designs to […]

halti training lead instructions

Halti training lead instructions

The HALTI Training dog Lead, designed by Dr.Roger Mugford, is a firm favourite with dog trainers worldwide due to its versatility and comfort in use. Halti training lead instructions will be discussed in more details in this article. Uses of Halti training lead: With three different lead length options, the HALTI Training Lead can be used […]

HALTI Harness Size Guide - Portrait-min-2

Halti Harness Size Guide | Full instruction guide

Halti non-pull dog harness – stop pulling| Size guide |Small, Medium & Large Many Dog owners suffering from the problem that their dogs start pulling the leads during walking outdoors. A great solution for such an issue is to use a harness that converts the pulling movement to upward movement which helps to stop pulling. […]

my dog itches a lot but doesn’t have fleas

My dog itches a lot but doesn’t have fleas !!!

Most times, people assume fleas as the only cause of itching in a dog. Contrary to this belief, it is not always caused by fleas. When I observed that my dog itches a lot but doesn’t have fleas I became quite concerned. Research has shown that dog itching is called pruritus which is the medical […]

What to feed emaciated dog to regain health?

What to feed emaciated dog to regain health?

Medically, emaciation is the significant loss of muscle mass and body fat. This problem of emaciation mostly occurs to homeless and stray dogs. A dog under the care of a pet owner will not experience emaciation unless there is a serious issue. Animal shelters or rescue groups often ask what to feed emaciated dog to […]

how to put weight on a malnourished dog

how to put weight on a malnourished dog?

Some abandoned dogs found in the street in a miserable state, dirty and malnourished. If you like to save such dogs you should know how to put weight on a malnourished dog. Understanding Dog Malnourishment Malnourishment mainly results from starvation and sometimes improper diet. Sometimes, it could be a medical reason. Maybe the dog is ill […]

Calcium supplements for puppies

Calcium supplements for puppies

Calcium supplements for puppies are sometimes required, especially in an early age animal. Pet owners often consider extra bone for the little pooch. In as much as this is good, you should regulate supplement use to avoid adverse side effects to the little puppies. As with all supplements, inappropriate use can cause certain side effects. […]